Double Date Ideas in Stafford

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Every couple needs a couple, a couple that you can invite to take a vacation, a couple that enjoys the same things you do. As a single pair, you’re limited to a number of activities because two just isn't good enough. Just like finding your significant other, choosing a perfect pair takes time, patience and trial and error. Here, you can find a number of double date ideas so you and your partner can enjoy a night out with more than yourselves.

Potomac Point Winery

A hidden gem of its own, the Potomac Point Winery is a place for every couple. The winery does everything from selling their wine to hosting wine tours and tastings. Imagine sitting down in a comfortable chair facing the perfectly green surroundings, with the sun rolling over the hills, and a glass of chilled white wine on the table, you will be suddenly transported to the hills of Italy.

Adventure Brewing Company

If wine isn't your preference, you don't need to worry, there is still the Adventure Brewing Company. The Adventure Brewing Company is focused on bringing full flavoured beers to the local community. During the year you have the chance to taste some of their unique blends like the Pumpkin Patch Ale, and the Go East Young Man Peanut Butter Banana Wheat.

Entree Act Dinner Murder Mystery Troupe

Almost every person has wanted to try, at least once, a Murder Mystery Dinner. Their is a number of different scenarios that could play out during the dinner, including, being transported back to the Renaissance, Captains Smith’s journey to Jamestown, the Lee family of Stratford, the Wild West, or the Roaring Twenties.

Riverside Center Theater

The Riverside Center Theater has been the home of over 30 different Broadway-quality productions. No need to eat dinner beforehand, the theater provides three-course gourmet meals. One of the most unique dining experiences in the area, it is the actual definition of “a dinner and a show”.

Fredericksburg SUP

Need more adventure in your date? This is no base jumping or skydiving, but it is a little more sane. Spend a day at Fredericksburg SUP, where you're able to spend your time exploring Northern Virginia on a paddle board. You’re able to take a paddleboard tours (day or night), or if you're new to the world of paddle boarding, you can take a couple of lessons that are available to all ages and skill levels.

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