Stafford’s Best Walking Trails

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One of the best ways to relax and clear your mind is to take a relaxing walk. Instead of taking this walk on a busy road where you are constantly worrying about oncoming traffic, check out one of the four parks below that all have trails. Full of beautiful scenery, a walk on one of these trails is bound to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

1. Belmont-Ferry Farm Trail

Enjoy a two-mile hike through three public parks in southern Stafford County. Along this winding path through this Historic Port of Falmouth there are abundant amounts of scenery. The path is fully paved and offers entrances located at John Lee Pratt Park and Historic Port of Falmouth Park. You can enjoy the beauty of nature as you walk, bike, or run on this trail. Don’t forget to bring your family and friends for a little outdoor enjoyment!

2. Duff McDuff Green Memorial Park

Open year round, the Duff McDuff Green Memorial Park is located along the Rappahannock River in a beautiful, natural setting. This park has a one mile trail that is great for running or biking while looking at the scenery. At the park there are also restrooms and concessions, picnic pavilions, and a playground so you can make the trip to the park an all day event! Not to mention there is a river overlook that allows for maximum relaxation and serenity. Check out the Duff McDuff Green Memorial Park for a quick mile run while looking at the pretty landscape.

3. Willowmere Park

Equipped with a .75 mile asphalt walking trail, Willowmere Park is the place for peaceful walking, jogging, or biking. Located just off Mountain View Road in the central portion of Stafford County, this park also contains three soccer fields, restrooms, concession buildings, picnic pavilions, and a playground. The whole family can enjoy a trip to the park while you get in a short workout during the day. Check out Willowmere Park for an enjoyable walk with nature.

4. Government Island

A beautiful boardwalk and scenic heritage trail invite visitors to explore Government Island. This seventeen acre historic site has a nature trail along the Potomac River’s edge with interpretive signs that detail the history of the Native American population. While taking a walk on this trail, you will take notice of the creeks, wetlands, and marsh areas that provide a variety of habitats for birds and other wildlife. The elevated boardwalk provides a continuous and accessible viewing area. Check out Government Island for a history lesson during your next walk.

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