Four Things to Love about Stafford, VA

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Virginia has a long illustrious history. It has seen great battles, towns that failed to begin, and even the writing of the Constitution. In Virginia, there is a great town called Stafford. There is a lot to love about this quaint little town, but there are four main things that make this town truly great.


1) Wine – The Potomac Point Vineyard and Winery has been around since 2007 and since been flourishing. The vineyard is based off the Mediterranean and gives you the feeling of being in Tuscany. This location has a lot to offer, from award-winning wines to a bistro where you can enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner. This bistro uses locally grown ingredients that are in season so the menu is always changing. This is a great place to bring the family. There is an area where kids can hang out while you drink some wine. You can even bring your dog to this winery. The Potomac Point Vineyard is also a great place to have a wedding or event, as the scenic views just add to the magical moment.

2) History – Since Virginia has a lot of history, it’s a given that Stafford would have a lot of history as well. One place to get a sense of the great history here is by going to the Stafford Civil War Park, which features driving tour, trails, and many relics from the war. This battlefield was known as “The Union Army's Valley Forge." The battlefield never saw any action, but it was used to protect a supply route for the Union Army before being abandoned in June of 1864. Another historical site that makes Stafford great is the Aquia Church, a place whose storied past is as fascinating as the town of Stafford itself.

3) Outdoors – On Government Island, over the 17 acres of island lays a beautiful boardwalk and trails that are simply breathtaking. The elevated boardwalk goes over the wetlands of this area, providing a beautiful opportunity to enjoy nature surrounding you. This area used to be a quarry for sandstone that was used to build the White House and the U.S Capitol, offering a fascinating past as well as beautiful sights..

4) Golf –  Augustine Golf Course is a great course that is a 6,817 yard par 71 course. With its gentle rolling hills, scenic background, and great wildlife, it just adds to the beauty that is Stafford. Golf enthusiasts absolutely love this course, as it caters perfectly to beginners and experts alike. It’s an opportunity to enjoy nature while taking a few strokes off your game! With all of this coming together, it’s just another reason to love Stafford.


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