Tea Lover? Here Are 5 Cafés You’ll Want To Go To

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Coffee is mentioned all the time and it’s certainly a popular drink, but not everyone shares in their love for it. Are you a tea lover? Well, then you would want to unite with other people who share your same admiration for this warm, comforting beverage in a supportive and creative environment. Check out these five cafes that are sure to turn any tea drinker into a tea lover.

1. Before ‘n’ After Café

Tea and coffee lovers unite at this adorable café where you feel at home the moment you walk through the door. The owners have placed so much care into the décor, the food, and the selection of drinks on the menu. A local favourite is their chai tea, made regular, iced, or in a latte. Visitors are raving about the aroma and spices coming out of this steaming cup of delicious chai tea; the thought alone is enough to stop everything and head over there right now!

2. Peet’s Coffee & Tea

“Delicious tea!” “Nicest people!” “Lots of choices!” The reviews are pouring in for the very recently renovated Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Most note that not only are the beverage drinks superior to Starbucks, but the atmosphere itself can make you feel so comfortable that you can find yourself sitting in this café for hours on end. This joint has also converted coffee drinkers to tea drinkers because of their finely selected choices of mighty leaf teas, limited editions, rare teas, signature blends, and more from China, Sri Lanka, India, and Japan.

3. Tea Tyme & What Nots

This café relates more to a traditional tea room filled with beautiful china, comfortable chairs, and a relaxing and classy atmosphere. Once seated, you are greeted with a classic china tea pot that can be filled with a wide assortment of black, green, white, tisane, rooibos, and chai teas. They even have five different chai’s to choose from. Whichever tea you’re in the mood for, be sure to also hand select one of their three-tiered serving platters filled with delicious finger sandwiches, tea cakes, fruit, and more, all made in house and elegantly served.

4. Panera Bread

This café is more of a larger spot to visit, but completely worth it. They carry “The Republic of Tea” brand, which is arguably one of the more delicious tea brands, and they really do carry quite a delicious assortment. I recommend eating in and ordering a tea of random choosing. Receiving that large mug of piping warm tea is love in a glass and worth sitting in a chair and taking in the world around you while you enjoy. Panera Bread also has a delicious menu, so treat yourself to a baked good along with your tea – you deserve it.

5. Pa Dutch Tea and Spice Company

This shop doesn’t completely satisfy the requirements of a café, but it is completely worth mentioning for the tea lovers out there – you can even purchase nibbles to go such as chocolate covered cranberries! Here you will find the most wonderful loose-leaf tea blends in the area. They carry flavoured teas that you won’t find at any of the chain spots, such as marzipan flavoured tea or Rocky Horror black tea. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help you smell and taste your way to a new tea for yourself or a friend.


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