5 Cheap Things to do Near Stafford

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The end of the month can be a hazardous time for everyone. All the bills come in; bank fees, rent, car insurance, and who knows what else lurks behind the last day of the month. You find yourself in a position in which you are not able to do everything you were hoping to. No nine-course dinner or an overnight trip to the winery with your spouse. The thing is, though, you have a lot more freedom than you think. Of course the overnight winery is out of the question, as is a weekend golf getaway with the guys, but there are still endless alternatives out there that are yet to be explored.

Central Park Fun Land

With over 20 different rides and attractions, you and your family are guaranteed to find something you enjoy. Some of the attractions include laser tag, go-karts, mini golf, batting cages, mini bowling, rock climbing, and bumper cars. Besides the endless amounts of attractions, Fun Land is home to a massive arcade with over 100 games. The best part about all of this is the price. There are no admission or parking costs; all you pay for are the rides you want to go on.

Government Island County Park

Just like most of Virginia, the Government Island has a deep history behind it. Government Island was used as a stone quarry that contributed to the construction of the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Now the island is a stunning park for the family with a beautiful boardwalk and a scenic heritage trail. The creeks, wetlands, and marshlands provide a variety of habitats for birds and wildlife.

Stafford Civil War Park

The Stafford Civil War Park is a must visit for anyone who is interested in history. The park is made up of 41 acres of hut sites and artillery fortifications. To those who don't know, Virginia was once one of the largest Union encampment sites during the civil war. There are also interpretive maps and signs that bring meaning to the surrounding landscape.

Regal Cinemas 10

Nothing is better than a classic night out at the movies. The best time to go to the movies is on a Tuesday, cheap night. Keep an eye out for special deals, such as $2 candy night. There are always excellent movies here and staying ahead of the entertainment curve is always a blast, so set an evening aside, relax, and enjoy a good movie!

Fredericksburg Ghost Walk

If you're able to gather a group of 10, then you must sign up for a ghost tour of Fredericksburg. Being the home of four major Civil War battles, Fredericksburg has more history and more ghosts than any other city in America. The costume guides conduct a 90 minute candlelight walking tour, filling the evening with folklore and stories of the fallen soldiers.


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