Decorating your apartment on a budget

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You break down the last box and throw the it into the pile of cardboard. As the cardboard box lands, a strange feeling overwhelms you. After all of that unpacking, the room still looks empty. So now what? All of the boxes are empty, everything is in its place, but the walls feel empty and the floors look bare. The first thought that runs through your mind is to go to the store, but the big move put you on a tight budget. Price does not make you home a home; personal touch and care is what makes a home. Budget or no budget, your personal touch barely costs a thing. Below are four different ways to bring out your inner creativity.


Yes, you're on a budget, but that doesn't mean you can't go and shop. Three of the greatest, yet underrated, stores to shop at are thrift stores, antique stores and Kiji. If you want something unique, something no one else has, then thrift stores and antique stores are the places to be. When you walk into the stores, it’s like a whole new world. There are telephones from the 80’s, newspaper clippings of the Beatles, and never before seen paintings. Items that are usually under $15, and will make your place look unique. Kiji is always a good backup if you can't find what you need.


Look around your house. Do you have paint, an empty pop bottle, tape, magazines, a printer, markers, glue, or an empty jar? If you said yes to just two of these, you have enough materials to create your own craft. Crafts are the essence of any home. The best way to find out about crafts is to explore Pinterest. Remember, you can make pretty much anything out of nothing.


Sometimes you don’t need extra items to make your house look full; sometimes you just need to rearrange some things. The best thing to do is to have fun with it. Get acquainted with a different part of your space by moving everything around. Put your TV on the other wall, move the couch closer to the window, or even orient your desk towards the corner. Try new things and have fun.


Having green in your living space is the easiest way to brighten up your room. Besides bringing life into your room, plants can also be a good source of fresh ingredients, such as mint, basil, and the like. Greenery is easy and cheap to obtain, and it’s a great and affordable way to spruce up your place!

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