Local Brunch Spots

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Not a morning person? Woke up a little late for breakfast? Or do you simply just love brunch? Wait, who doesn't love brunch? You’re able to enjoy the taste of melting butter on top of your pancakes and be able to smell freshly baked bread without waking up early. Brunch was invented by an Englishman named Guy Beringer. Guy Beringer didn’t set out to invent a new meal. He simply wanted to indulge on breakfast foods later in the day so he could enjoy his night out. Thanks to him, brunch has become a part of our culture and given us the opportunity to enjoy these restaurants that make brunch possible.
1. TBS Mess Hall
What’s better than an all you can eat breakfast? TBS Mess Hall isn't a weekday getaway, it’s only open during the weekends from 10pm-12pm. Besides the all you can eat breakfast, TBS also has an amazing salad bar. If you're not up for brunch than you can always swing by during the week for the traditional breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
2. County Diner
2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, and 2 pancakes for only $4.99. The County Diner has the authentic “Ma and Pa” feel to it. Besides the big warm welcome you get when you walk in the door, you also get the feeling like the next time you dine the waiter/waitress will already know your name. Besides making your mouth water from their delicious food, the County Diner is so friendly that you’ll feel right at home your first time there. The best dishes to try are french toast, the breakfast special, and the Western omelette.
3. Mason-Dixon Cafe & Baking Co
Mason-Dixon Cafe isn’t a local Stafford Diner, but it’s worth the drive. Try to arrive early, being one of the busiest diners around it's usually hard to get a seat. You won’t be able to find processed food here, most of the menu is made from scratch, and costs anywhere from $8-$15. Some of the favorite dishes are Chicken and Waffles, the Breakfast Burrito, and the Monte Cristo.
To make up for the small interior space, Mason Dixon has a large outdoor patio where you can enjoy some sun while you dine. If you’re up for a little drive down to Fredericksburg be sure to stop for a quick bite to eat, the drive will be worth it. One last tip, after brunch take a visit next door to Carl's Ice Cream for a great local dessert to finish off your meal.

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