What Makes You Rent?

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What factors do people consider when apartment or house hunting? At Ultris, we wanted to better understand what matters most so that we can ensure that we’re offering what you’re looking for.

As you might guess, one of the main factors people consider when apartment or house hunting is affordability. In fact, 36 percent of people say that that’s what matters to them most. That's why Ultris works hard to keep rent prices low across all of its locations. When Apartments.com asked what would motivate renters to leave their current rentals and move to a completely new one immediately, the top three answers were: A big discount on monthly rent for the full term of the lease, more space for the same amount of money, and a free month of rent. We’re so sure that you will love being a part of the Ultris community, we often offer these kinds of promotions. Get in touch with us here for more information.

Apartment.com’s survey also revealed that more than one-third of renters choose to rent because they enjoy maintenance-free living. At Ultris, we offer 24-hour maintenance support, so we can take care of your maintenance issues quickly so you don’t have to worry.

Other important factors that renters consider include finding an apartment or house in a safe area with a low crime rate, convenient utilities or amenities, and size. At Ultris, we carefully vet the areas where we place our communities, so you can be sure that you’re moving somewhere safe. When it comes to amenities, ours are unparallelled. Each community offers a fitness center, pool, clubhouse and various other top-of-the-line facilities depending on the location. Plus, we offer apartments and houses in all different sizes so you can choose the unit that is the perfect fit for your needs.

What is the most important factor to you when you’re searching for a new apartment or house to rent? Get in touch with us with your thoughts, or to get more information on joining the Ultris community.


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