6 Ways to Be There for Fellow Military Moms

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No one quite understands the hard work that is being a military mom. Of course, if you are a military mom you will understand the pressure your fellow mommies are under. After all, having a husband or spouse that is away for extended periods of time can be disheartening. In many cases, military moms often feel like single mothers. They raise the children on their own and provide all of the care to their children. That’s not to say that being a military mom is not rewarding. It’s the best job in the world. However, there are some ways in which you can be there for your fellow military moms. It’s all about providing each other with the right support.

1.    Listen and Talk

One of the best ways to be there for your fellow moms is to provide a lending ear when things get too much. Listening to other mom’s fears, hope and dreams can be a great coping mechanism for everyone involved. After all, being a military spouse or mom is no easy feat. You have to accomplish a lot on your own. But, providing fellow moms with the opportunity to talk candidly about what they are experiencing can be hugely beneficial. Hopefully, they will listen to you, too, in your times of crisis.

2.    Keep in Touch

Military moms are incredibly busy. But, it’s always vital to remember to touch base now and then. Make sure that you pick up the phone once per week or drop them an email to ask how they are. They may want to talk about mundane, everyday things or just have a gossip. Be that supportive friend and be proactive in your approach to communication. That way, if they are going through a tough time, you can be on hand to provide emotional support.

3.    Offer to Babysit

Despite being a mommy superhero, we all need time away from the kids and the rituals of home life. Offer to babysit your fellow mom. You can even ask them to return the favor as a gesture of goodwill!

4.    Plan a Military Moms Night Out

If you can, and you have grandparents or a babysitter on hand, getting all of the moms together for a big night out can be an excellent form of release. It’s the perfect way to have a good night out with the girls, but you are also providing each other with support. Head to a bar, or go for a nice meal. The key is to spend time together and listen to each other.

5.    Join a Support Group (Or Create One!)

Whether it is in the form of an online forum or a physical meeting place, going to a support group is an excellent way to be there for other moms. If there is not a forum for your base, create one. Host a weekly or monthly group at your home or housing community. Provide snacks to make the affair lighter hearted. Creating an environment in which everyone can talk openly and without judgment is perfect for everyone involved.

6.    Get on Social Media

Social media can be a positive tool if it is used correctly. If your friend is going through a tough time, make sure that they are directed to support groups specially designed for military moms. Join social media groups and get talking about your experience. Sometimes, it’s nice to know that you are not going through this journey alone.

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